Justin Canfil is an Assistant Professor of International Relations & Emerging Technologies at Carnegie Mellon University. Canfil's research explores the impact of emerging technologies on international law and arms control. He has particular interest in explaining how the US, China, and other states use law and technology to navigate their security interests. He writes in the third person only to avoid confusing Google Knowledge Panel. From 2024-2025, Dr. Canfil will be on leave from CMU as a Stanton Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations and as a research associate at Princeton's Center on Contemporary China. Previously, he held fellowships with the Belfer Center at the Harvard Kennedy School, the Columbia-Harvard China and the World Program, and the US Fulbright Program to China. He received his PhD from Columbia University.

You can find his faculty webpage and email contact along with course information here. He is on Twitter @jcanfil and LinkedIn at /jcanfil.